Problems with the electronics are now commonplace. But not every workshop knows how to solve such tasks. We offer our customers comprehensive concepts.

We use original diagnostic equipment / software from Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover / Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VAG Group (VW / Seat / Skoda). Of course, the diagnosis of all other manufacturers is also possible. As a service partner, we are in constant exchange to guarantee that components and process technologies are up to date. This allows us to guarantee a quick problem finding at fair prices.

Especially with the following manufacturers we work closely together-

Our service catalog includes e.g. Repairs from-

The following list is only a small excerpt of our possibilities and does not claim to be complete:

– TV and DVD activation during the journey
– V-Max cancellation
• Repair of the ABS/SBC when the wear limit is reached.
– Regeneration of soot particle filter (RPF Reset)
– Convertible top open/close while driving (Vmax freely selectable)
– Activation of the automatic curb system right exterior mirror with FRM3
– Activation folding / unfolding mirrors via RC vehicle key
– Activating the digital speed display in the BC of the speedometer
– Activating/deactivating the seat belt reminder driver/passenger side
– Stepless brightness adjustment of the corona rings at Angel Eyes
– Acoustically sharpen DWA
– Acoustically disarm the anti-theft alarm system
– DWA alarm additionally via high beam
– Theft alarm system continuous tone
– Speedometer repair
– Total failure Renault
– Pixel repair of all Audi models (FIS/Display)
– Pixel error in speedometer
– Pixel errors in various displays
– Repair airbag control unit (airbag crash data reset)
– Transmission control unit
– ABS control unit
– Diesel pump control unit
– Engine control unit
– CTRL repair of all control units