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Transmission Oil & Oil Cooler Flush

Transmission oil flushing

According to the different manufacturers‘ specifications, the recommendation for an oil change varies. Therefore, we recommend that you change the transmission oil after approx. 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

In practice, we perform this only together with oil rinsing. We strongly advise against changing the oil alone, as all residues must be removed from the lines. This is where our special „Launch“ rinsing device comes into play.

Before we start flushing, the old oil is drained. For vehicles with an oil filter, install a new oil filter and replace the oil pan gasket. On vehicles that have an oil pan with an integrated filter, on the other hand, the complete oil pan is replaced if necessary.

After the flushing process has been completed, the gearbox is filled with a gearbox oil tailored to the respective gearbox type (as approved by the manufacturer).

By changing the gearbox oil, you minimize the internal wear of the gearbox. Thus, you contribute to a longer mileage of your gearbox. On the other hand, the good shifting action of your car is preserved.

Nowadays, almost all car manufacturers advertise ''longlife'' oil filling, but unfortunately, due to physical conditions, loads on the transmission oil cannot be avoided at all. The consequences are

Gearbox oil cooler flush

For vehicles with transmission damage, the special flushing machine from the American market leader „Hot Flush“ is connected to the lines from the transmission oil cooler to remove all residues such as chips and deposits from fins.

The special feature of this flushing device is the adjustable oil temperature from 60 to approx. 100 degrees and the high oil pressure, with the help of which all residues can be effectively removed from the system.

This allows us to continue using the existing oil cooler without having to use an expensive replacement part.

Our team will be happy to advise you! We would like to show you the different possibilities with a competent consultation.